Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Banana Brown cheese

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Banana Brown Cheese

Ingredients :
- 10 fruit banana red , peeled -
- Margarine / butter sufficiently, to spread -
- Brown 400 grams of cooked slab, cut, melted -
- 200 grams of cheddar cheese, grated -
- Skewer of barbecued meat 10 -

How to prepare :
1. The pin end of the skewer with a banana, banana out to do.
2. Heat omelet pan, be oiled surface with margarine / butter. Grilled bananas on top of the omelet pan until cooked bananas. Lift and let cool.
3. Dip ripe banana into the chocolate slab melted to have a flat surface to the whole banana. Freeze, banana out to do. Dip back half the dressing banana chocolate to melt in the cooking chocolate.
4. Enter a banana in the dressing to chocolate to cheese, grated 1 / 2 part banana cheese closed.
5. Let the chocolate frozen. Make banana until exhausted. Serve.

To 10 pin

Koki - Edition 00107 - October 2007

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